Clearing & Settlement

TM2 acts as the counterparty to all trades on a matched principal basis, clearing all trades in the primary and secondary markets and delivering financial and operational efficiencies to market participants.

TM2 network has a worldwide network of servers hosted and maintained by verified users (Custodians, Issuers, and banks, etc.) that validate the cleared transactions and exchange information and data on TM2. The Minfinium™ distributed ledger is a private secure database that is shared, replicated, and synchronised among verified users ensuring that the ledger is updated only when cleared transactions that have been authenticated by all verified users in the clearing and settlement chain. This immutable distributed network is a primary security feature of the platform.

Clearing & Settlement of Trades​

All trades are settled directly with TM2 through its proprietary financial and trading engine, Minfinium™.

Conditions can vary, due to certain Issuer or Custodian procedures, but under normal circumstances the following clearing & settlement conditions will apply. Please refer to each individual technology metals’ specification for precise and up to date information.

  • Trade settlement and the corresponding transfer of title occurs immediately upon trade execution. T+0 Instant
  • Purchased technology metals can be sold on TM2 immediately.
  • Physical delivery of technology metals is T+10
  • Redemption via physical delivery through TM2 Clearing Broker is T+5 after redemption notice received.

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