Onboarding statuses

Onboarding statuses.

  1. Add wallet. Means that you need to download the Wallet application, generate a new wallet, and add it in to your TM2 account (or add it to your profile).
  2. Fill the account opening form.
  3. Pass KYC/KYB verification.

Your current status marked with a blue colour

Successfully passed statuses marked by green.

If something goes wrong - current status will be marked by red.

Statuses of different E-documents

E-Document Type Status Commentary
Redeem requests "Pending/created" Initial status. All created redemption requests will be with the following status.
"Processing" After signing the request in «minfinium treasury» the status will be changed to next.
"Approved" Your request has been confirmed and is in progress.
"Burned" Burned is a final status and means the metals is out of TM2’s system.
"Cancelled" The request was cancelled.
"Denied" Your request was checked and denied by TM2, please contact customer’s support: support@tm2.market
Invoices "Created" Initial status for invoices.
"Cancelled" The invoice was cancelled.
"Paid/Partly paid" Invoice has been paid, and your money was successfully transferred
"Balance updated" Your TM2 balance was updated.
Withdrawal request       "Pending/Checked" Initial status for withdrawal requests
"Pre-approved" Your withdrawal request passed the first step of verification
"Approved" Your request has passed the Back office Ops verification
Your request was approved, waiting for bank transaction.

I need to change E-wallet public key in profile

To change E-wallet public key, please contact customer support: support@tm2.market

The redeem button is disabled in the Wallet tab (web application)

Make sure that you have enough positive metal balance in your wallet.
Check the current requests on the Redeem requests tab. (You can only send one redemption request at time, if you want to send another request you have to wait until your request has been confirmed or cancel the previous one to make a new one.)

If you still have any questions, please contact customer support: support@tm2.market

I haven't downloaded the transaction file and can't find it

You can’t re-download an unsigned blockchain transaction file, therefore you should open another transaction.

How to set up your wallet application on multiple devices?

  1. Open the folder with your wallet file (file was generated automatically on the first launch). The path was shown in a pop-up window.


    Default paths:
    • Windows: C:\users\user\AppData\Roaming\TM2Client\data\walletname.dat
    • MacOS: TM2Client\Contents\MacOS\data\walletname.dat
    • Linux: \...\user\linux\data\walletname.dat)
    Copy the wallet file to the second computer.
  2. At the first launch of your wallet application on your second computer, choose "import":
  3. Provide the path to the file you copied in step 1, and click on ok.
  4. Your wallet is available now. Choose it in the drop-down list.

No available currencies while generating invoice

If you can't choose currency while adding an invoice, please contact customer’s support: support@tm2.market


How can I send metals to a linked investor account?

To send metals to your linked investor account, please log in to your TM2 account and go to Metals tab. Then you need to click the "..." button, enter the amount of Metals you would like to send to your linked investor account and click on the "send" button. If you have no linked investor account, please contact our customer service issuers@tm2.market

How can i place an offer?

To place an offer, please log in to your TM2 account and click on the Offers tab. You can click on the "Place offer" button, enter the asset, quantity and price you wish to sell and then confirm at the bottom of the modal window.

How to add a new type of metal?

To add a new metal on a TM2 platform, please contact our customer service: issuers@tm2.market

How to list a new metal on the TM2?

To list a new metal, follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact your Liquidity Provider (by e-mail with details).
  2. When your Liquidity provider adds a new metal supply,you can find it in your “Supplies” section.
  3. Confirm supply.

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