Zürcher Kantonalbank - TM2 partner
Zürcher Kantonalbank
All TM2 client deposits are kept in segregated accounts. Our Swiss licensed banking provider is MOGLI, an ewallet service owned and operated by 3ATex GmbH. Main custodian of client funds is Zurich Cantonal Bank (ZKB). ZKB is the fourth largest bank in Switzerland and is wholly owned by the Canton of Zurich who under Swiss law bears responsibility for all ZKB's liabilities should the bank's resources be inadequate.
Malca-Amit - TM2 partner
Malca-Amit provides TM2 with highly-secured, strategically located storage facilities that are recognized as market leaders. Numerous facilities are located in free trade zones enabling the storage of precious metals with a 100% duty-free exemption. Malca-Amit's state of the art facility Singapore facility is located in the Singapore Freeport, a 25,000 sqm high-security and climate-controlled facility featuring cutting edge security technologies and safety systems.
Collyer Bristow - TM2 partner
Collyer Bristow
Collyer Bristow has a multi-disciplinary team providing TM2 with a full and comprehensive legal service to ensure that all market operations are carried out in a fully legal and compliant manner.

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