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About TM2

Technology Metals Market (TM2) is a primary issuance and secondary market exchange for the technology metals investment market, connecting institutional investors, proprietary traders and retail investors with metal issuers -  primary producers, recyclers and mints.


  • TM2 creates a direct investment and trading market for technology metals
  • New metals asset class for investment diversification
  • High growth 21st-century technology sectors
  • Global access and direct title
  • Institutional Grade and Industry Tested
  • Fast, seamless and global united market


  • Direct Ownership: Investor has direct title to physical metal and controls investment
  • Trust: Digital metals are 100% backed by physical metal
  • Demand: Technology metals are in high industry demand
  • Liquidity: Deep liquidity for large positions.
  • No Red Tape: Clear, straightforward and simple procedures and rules
  • Provenance: Digitization tracks the origin of the metal you hold and the changes of title
  • Oversight: Compliance and strict KYC and AML onboarding and transaction procedures
  • Transparency: All metal transactions and inventories viewable. Fully audited

about TM2

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