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About TM2

Technology Metals Market Limited (“TM2”) is a primary issuance and physical secondary market venue for technology metals, connecting institutional investors, proprietary traders and Execution Brokers with metals Issuers, primary producers, recyclers and mints.


  • TM2 delivers a direct investment and trading market for technology metals
  • Newly accessible technology metals asset class for inventory diversification
  • High demand growth for 21st century technology sectors
  • Global access and direct title
  • Institutional grade and industry tested platform
  • Fast, seamless and globally traded market


  • Direct Ownership:Trader has direct title to physical metals and controls inventory through Minfinium Treasury.
  • Trust: Traded metals are 100% backed by physical metals.
  • Demand: Technology metals are in high demand.
  • Liquidity: Deep market liquidity.
  • Discovery: Efficient price and volume discovery, charting and analytics tools.
  • No Red Tape: Clear, straightforward and simple procedures and rules.
  • Provenance: Digitization tracks the origin of the inventory you hold and the changes of title.
  • Oversight: Robust due diligence membership, listing and transaction procedures.
  • Transparency: All transactions and inventories are readily viewable, fully reconciled, audited, and charted.
  • Insurance: All technology metals are fully insured against theft and destruction whilst in the safeguarding and administration of platform Custodians.
  • Governance: TM2 acts as a listing and membership authority, establishing unified rules and eligibility requirements for technology metals listings and market participants.
  • Accreditation: TM2 supports many membership and participation profiles, proprietary traders, Execution Brokers, Issuers, Liquidity Providers, Listing Brokers, Custodians and Samplers and Assayers.


  • Accredited Execution Brokers
  • Accredited Issuers
  • Accredited Listing Brokers
  • Accredited Liquidity Providers
  • Accredited Custodians
  • Accredited Sampling and Assaying
  • Listing Authority
  • Marketing
  • State of the art electronic order book trading, clearing and settlement platform
  • Safeguarding and Administration Services
  • OTC trading (through Accredited TM2 Execution Brokers)
  • Analysis support from Accredited Listing Brokers and TM2 team
  • TM2 Communication Services: discussion boards
  • Retail Services (via Execution Brokers)
about TM2


TM2 Institutional Presentation
TM2 Institutional Presentation

Latest news

February 16, 2021
TM2 News. Top 10 Copper Projects in the world
Over the years, copper has proved its significance, its global demand has tripled over the past half-century, and a good deal of new copper projects have been initiated.

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